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The 3,000 liter sprayer FERTINOVA

Sprayer equipment for the application of neutral or acidic liquid fertilizers and plant protection products.

The main features thereof are:

  • Polyethylene tank 3000 l.
  • Suitable acids Clear Liquid application.
  • Suitable for neutral Clear Liquid application.
  • Suitable for application of saturated solutions.
  • Suitable for application of suspensions.
  • Suitable for application of Nitrogen Solutions.
  • Suitable for application of pesticides.
  • Hydraulic boom self-leveling
    18 meters wide with air suspension.
  • Double pump and circuit.
  • Deposits circuits and wash sink.
  • Hydraulic brake.
  • Kit mixer products.
  • Self Loading System within 10 minutes of the
    3,000 liters.

Also available with numerous options and configuration control customer demand.

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